Turnarounds and Shutdowns

Trusted for Decades

GMTS project team has been trusted for decades in critical path project work for FCC, Coker, Crude, Hydrocracker, and Power Plant units.

Budgeting and Scheduling

We made our mark on the industry through successful budgeting and scheduling, as well as safe critical path T/A and shutdown work.

Project Management

GMTS is especially competent in the project management, cost controls, scheduling and planning, engineering, and mechanical critical path execution of unit/plant upgrades, revamps, and maintenance T/A and shutdowns.


Our experience, innovation, and constructability capabilities are what set us apart when it comes time to execute a successful T/A or shutdown.

Vessel Doorsheets, Heads Off, Transfer Lines, Cyclones, Slide Valve Removal and Replacement, Air Grids, Expansion Joints, Structure, Drums
Drum Repair and Replacement, Skirt Repair, Structure, Delta Valves, Valves
Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Burners, Exchangers, Vacuum Column, Drums
Exchangers, Fin Fans, Drums, Valves
Power Plants
Piping, Tube Repair, Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Steam Drum Repair
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and tomorrow to create the best solution for your mechanical needs.